Our motto

If a task is worth doing, it's worth doing extremely well.
We don't do things half way.


About us

Our vision is to provide greater access to technology solutions for people around the world.

We want to make really good software that people would actually use. And we do that by putting the human element back in software development and honoring it as a craft.

From the start, we have embraced processes like Agile that give power and responsibility back to individual developer. And we have built the principle of testing constantly into our DNA.

Apart from nailing code quality, our attention is also toward predictability and project management.

Our goal is software that meets users’ true needs, so we bring in Human-Centered Design practices, like Design Thinking. We work on product management, as we tackle larger and more complex products in the enterprise solutions.

With these practices we are able to avoid buggy software, blown budgets, missed deadlines, and lots of features nobody even uses. We love designing solutions that are useful, and building products that are beautiful.

Who we are

Our founders story

I have been passionate about combining technology and business to provide the right services, build products and improve customer experience. 18 years of software industry experience, has given me a unique mix of technical expertise, product building experience, strategy development know-how, management skills and business sense, which helps me deliver comprehensive solutions to complex projects.

An entrepreneur at heart, I moved away from the corporate job (after working for 14 years) to build this start-up. I have had the opportunity to study Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Invention, Design Thinking & Product-Market Fit at Stanford University.



Our Team

A group of passionate technologists

We are not just coders. People at Dekko Digital understand software well: how people use it, what features provide the most value, and all the logic that makes it go. We’re also familiar with multiple of languages and tools, and we invest heavily in staying on top of our game.